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Your AI-powered customizable workspaces

Explore data effortlessly, integrate AI seamlessly, and create secure tailored spaces. Step into the future of work with SmartSpace.


Smartspaces: A flexible & secure environment to leverage the power of Large Language Models

Two Distinct Use Cases:


Web UI for Search / Chat

 SmartSpaces come with an intuitive web user interface that allows users to interact with their data in a conversational manner.

This interface can be used for data exploration, generating insights, and even for chat-based interactions. It's designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for anyone in your organization to start leveraging the power of AI without needing any technical expertise.


SmartSpace APIs

SmartSpaces also provide robust APIs that can be used to connect to third-party systems. These APIs can power intelligent workflows and tools, enabling seamless integration of AI capabilities into your existing business processes.

Whether you're looking to automate CRM updates, schedule appointments, or any other complex task, SmartSpace APIs make it possible.

Unlimited SmartSpaces for Diverse Use Cases

With SmartSpace, you're not limited to a single workspace. You can create any number of SmartSpaces for any type of use case.

Each SmartSpace can securely access a specific cross-section of your business data, ensuring that the right data is used for the right task.


Choose the Right Language Model and Configuration

Each SmartSpace allows you to choose the most appropriate language model and configuration for your specific use case.

You can adjust settings such as the model's temperature and token limits to fine-tune its performance. This flexibility ensures that your SmartSpace is always optimized for your specific needs.

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Secure and Flexible

SmartSpaces are designed with security in mind. They provide fine-grained access control, ensuring that your data is only accessible to the right people.

At the same time, SmartSpaces are flexible and scalable, allowing you to adjust and expand your AI capabilities as your business grows and evolves.

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You're not just leveraging AI-powered insights; you're embracing a governance model that aligns with your values, compliance needs, and business goals.

Secure Your Data with Confidence

Learn how SmartSpace's robust security measures protect your valuable data.