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The cornerstone of your data governance strategy

SmartSpace provides a robust governance framework that ensures your data is handled with the utmost integrity, compliance, and security.

Our suite of governance features offers control, transparency, and adaptability.

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Empower your organization to manage data responsibly and effectively

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Customizable Output Filtering per SmartSpace

  • Tailor the output filtering for each SmartSpace to meet specific needs and compliance requirements. 
  • Control the information that is accessible and visible, safeguarding sensitive data. 
  • Apply different filtering rules for different use cases, whether it’s the web UI for search/chat or SmartSpace APIs for third-party integrations.
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Comprehensive Audit Trails

  • Track all activities within SmartSpace, including data access, modifications, and user interactions. 
  • Maintain a transparent and traceable record of actions, supporting compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.

Data Quality Management

  • Implement data validation rules to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the data within SmartSpace. 
  • Monitor data quality metrics and receive alerts for any anomalies or deviations from defined standards.
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Policy Enforcement and Compliance Alignment

  • Define and enforce data handling policies that align with legal and regulatory obligations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and more.
  • Automate policy enforcement to reduce manual oversight and ensure consistent adherence to rules.

Integration with Existing Governance Tools

  • Seamlessly integrate SmartSpace with your existing governance and compliance tools, creating a unified governance framework.
  • Leverage existing policies and procedures, enhancing them with SmartSpace's specialized features.
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Secure Data Retention and Archiving

  • Control how long data is retained within SmartSpace, with customizable retention policies.
  • Archive data securely, ensuring that historical information is preserved and accessible for future reference, audits, or legal requirements.
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Reporting and Analytics

  • Generate comprehensive reports on data usage, access patterns, and compliance metrics.
  • Use analytics to gain insights into data trends, user behavior, and governance effectiveness.
  • Support decision-making and policy adjustments with data-driven evidence.

You're not just leveraging AI-powered insights; you're embracing a governance model that aligns with your values, compliance needs, and business goals.

Secure Your Data with Confidence

Learn how SmartSpace's robust security measures protect your valuable data.