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Generative AI Infrastructure is the Generative AI builder platform for serious builders. Our platform speeds up the deployment of complex, full-code Generative AI solutions by 90%, while dramatically reducing the maintenance and shadow IT burden.

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  • Microsoft Partner for Generative AI
  • CloudedHouse SmartSpace Generative AI Partner

Build generative AI use cases without limitation

Our ready to deploy infrastructure allows you to build any Generative AI use case without limitation, with full control of the underlying LLM’s and associated resources in a fraction of the time it would take to build a bespoke solution.


Get multiple use cases up and running in minutes, not months.

Our platform enables you to tailor data access based on specific roles within your business. Whether it's sales, HR, or customer service, each team gets the data they need, presented in a way that's most useful to them.

With SmartSpace, data becomes a powerful tool, driving informed decisions and business growth.


Partnering for the future, powering intelligent workflows.

From updating CRM records to scheduling appointments, SmartSpace can integrate with your existing tools and systems to automate tasks, freeing up your team to focus on what they do best.

With SmartSpace, you're not just automating tasks, you're supercharging your business with AI-powered efficiency.


Explore your data like never before

Our user interface is designed for ease of use, allowing you to dive deep into your data, uncover insights, and make data-driven decisions.


Security and Access Control

Your data is valuable, and we understand that. SmartSpace is built with robust security measures and fine-tuned access control mechanisms to ensure that your data is secure and only accessible to the right people.

Made for IT Integrators

System integrators can leverage SmartSpace to offer implementation services or rapidly develop and test AI applications for their clients. 

This capability enables them to bring tailored AI solutions to market faster, meeting the unique needs of their clients.

SmartSpace for Integrators

Made for Enterprises

Enterprises can design complex, multi-year AI roadmaps and execute them on a single, secure platform without fear of vendor lock-in.

SmartSpace provides a robust foundation for developing and deploying AI solutions that drive innovation, efficiency and growth.

SmartSpace for Enterprises

Made for SaaS Applications

SaaS vendors can quickly introduce and iterate on generative AI feature sets for their tenants. With SmartSpace, they can enhance their offerings with powerful AI capabilities, ensuring their applications remain competitive and cutting-edge.

SmartSpace's Builder Platform simplifies the AI development process, providing the tools and flexibility needed to create, deploy, and manage AI applications effectively.

SmartSpace for SaaS Apps

Get SmartSpace up and running in your enterprise today

Enterprise AI adoption is hard. Creating the framework required to securely build even the simplest use case requires specialised knowledge and complex infrastructure. SmartSpace has done all the hard work for you, so you can simply deploy and innovate. It's that easy.

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Select Your Data

Connect SmartSpace to your secure data sources. Information never has to leave your servers.

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Create Your Workspaces

Create workspaces for specific use cases. Combine chosen data with the right users and the best LLM to get high quality results

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User Friendly UI

User-friendly web interface for data search and chat. Explore insights, make decisions.

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Power Intelligent Workflows

SmartSpace APIs connect to third-party systems. Power workflows, tools, and innovation.

Secure Your Data with Confidence

Learn how SmartSpace's robust security measures protect your valuable data.