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We're excited to announce the official launch of - a groundbreaking solution designed to supercharge the adoption of Generative AI in business.  In 2022, Generative AI arrived, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation, efficiency and growth for enterprises. Yet, the journey towards embracing AI has been fraught with challenges, primarily due to concerns over data security and the complexities of building custom AI solutions in-house, which are expensive, time consuming and often don’t scale. is here to address these challenges head-on. We offer plug and play Generative AI infrastructure for enterprises. A self-hosted and secure solution that allows businesses to leverage the power of generative ai, quickly, securely and with all the flexibility of building in-house without the fuss.

It’s no secret that the ecosystem surrounding AI deployment is noisy and somewhat confusing, for the businesses that either can’t or don’t want to use public Generative AI solutions they have to build it themselves. Many of our customers have shared with us that they didn’t know where to start.

SmartSpace has everything you need to leverage the power of Generative AI in your team, and for your customers whether you are an enterprise wanting to deploy Generative AI directly with your IT team, an IT integrator building solutions for your clients, or a SaaS application wanting to rapidly introduce and iterate on Generative AI feature sets for your tenants. 

Our platform is built on the principle that businesses shouldn't have to choose between leveraging cutting-edge AI and maintaining their data privacy and security. With, your sensitive data and strategic intellectual property remain safely within your environment, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. Say goodbye to shadow IT issues, and say hello to your very productive walled garden. 

Why SmartSpace?

  • Rapid, Custom AI Deployment: Leap into generative AI with our swift setup via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. is all about giving businesses the freedom to innovate on their terms—fast deployment, scalable solutions, and the flexibility to customise without the tech headaches.

  • Unmatched Data Security: Your data stays yours, always. With our self-hosted AI platform, say hello to unparalleled data control and goodbye to privacy concerns. It's the secure foundation your business needs to thrive in the AI era, ensuring peace of mind in every byte.

  • Diverse Applications, Singular Platform: From enhancing internal processes to offering new AI-driven services, adapts to your needs. Our extensive developer tools and APIs mean endless possibilities, all while keeping your intellectual property under lock and key.

  • Empowerment Through Partnership: Beyond a platform, we're your AI ally. As a Partner or Customer you’ll be supported with our Customer Success Program which supports you from day one with onboarding, training, resources, and support to ensure your venture into AI is not just successful but revolutionary.


What Sets Us Apart?

We know that everyone is an AI company today, so you might be asking how are we any different? Instead of building vertical features, has focused on the hard stuff. All the little things that trip newcomers up when building out generative AI use cases have been productized offering new-comers and experienced AI teams all the flexibility, configurability and security they need. has taken care of all of the plumbing so that you can just get building. 

Get multiple use cases up and running in minutes, not months. No longer do you have to go back to the starting line for every bespoke use case you want to leverage in your business. 

Unpacking's Unique Advantages:

  • Self-hosted for ultimate Security and Privacy
  • Language Model Agnostic, including support for Hugging Face models
  • Extensive customization and seamless integration across models and workspaces
  • Deployment Efficiency = Low Time to Value (TTV)
  • Unique Access Control Framework solves many Microsoft authentication issues with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Reporting and Governance Controls
  • Web UI and Instant Exploration
  • Native Azure Integration gives granular control of costs and resources

Vision for the Future: 

Generative AI is here to stay, and the use cases for AI in every business are almost limitless which is why it’s so important to find partners that can help you develop and execute on a long term strategy and roadmap. Our unique Generative AI Value model (more on that later) helps our customers and partners build out achievable roadmaps that align with your company goals, offer clear ROI and lay the foundations for the kind of innovation all businesses will need to embrace in order to survive and thrive in the economy of the future.

Three actions to take now: 

  1. Learn more about how works visit our website. 
  2.  Better yet, register your interest in a (no obligation) demo with one of our team members. 
  3. Register your interest in joining our AI community, the SmartSpace Collective. 

We're eager to learn about your AI adoption strategies, the challenges you face, and how data privacy and a secure, customisable AI infrastructure play into your organisation's future. Connect with us to shape the future together. 


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